IE Sustainable Development Goals Club Partners With Brand4Impact

Democratizing visibility and funding for the NGO world through corporate social responsibility

Brand4Impact is a B2B platform that enables companies to channel their donations to NGOs in a new disruptive bottom-up & decentralized approach. The platform empowers the donor companies to get more out of their impact (more awareness, insights on consumer psychology, employee engagement, automated tax processes and more), thus turning non-profit expenses into profitable investments. On the other hand, the platform democratizes visibility and funding to the world of NGOs.

With increasing regulations pertaining to non-financial reporting and the demand for the private sector to shift their focus towards social impact, Brand4Impact proposes a disruptive approach to corporate donations with a win-win world in mind — both for the corporates as well as the NGOs. The platform connects companies to NGOs, allowing companies to divide their donations into vouchers that each employee and client can use to support a project focused on achieving the SDGs. After having donated, each employee and client can then use their social media accounts to share the impact they made, which adds visibility to the company and the NGOs, applying social gamification. Through the use of hybrid blockchain technology, these donations are fully traceable and the platform provides both, companies and NGOs, with data about their interactions. In particular, Brand4Impact automates corporate donation reports and tax declarations for companies and provides NGOs with trend analysis. All of the NGOs in the platform have gone through a stringent due diligence, a Know Your Customer (KYC) process and are already certified as ´entidad de utilidad publica´ or public utility/welfare entities.

The IE Sustainable Development Goals Club aims to address sustainability via proactive projects focussed on three main pillars: raising awareness, volunteering and fundraising, and policy making. The SDG Club will be collaborating with Brand4Impact by hosting events on Corporate Social Responsibility, tackling the SDGs and connecting the IE community with Brand4Impact for internship and volunteering opportunities. Likewise, Brand4Impact will act as a point of contact for the SDG Club to push forward collaborations and fundraising campaigns with NGOs. This partnership will therefore be focused on the pillars of raising awareness, volunteering and fundraising. Applying SDG 17 on partnerships, the SDG Club and Brand4Impact aim at bridging the gap between the corporates and the NGOs through collaboration.

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Brand 4 Impact is a platform for companies to donate to NGOs with 100% transparency. Our vision is to create a win-win world where generosity meets impact.